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With the largest fashion fete gracing the Big Apple in less than a month, scores of stylistas have been salivating over the chic possibilities. Sensing a perfect opportunity to broadcast our fabulous vision of forty-plus style, Off Broadway Boutique has decided to participate in Fashion’s Night Out global celebration by hosting a party at our store on the Upper West Side. In promoting our collection of elegant pieces to women over fifty of all sizes, we have succeeded in tapping into an often-overlooked market that is quickly asserting itself as a lucrative force in retail. 

 “One of the reasons why we’ve been successful for over forty years is because we’re one of the few boutiques in New York that specifically caters to real women,” owner and Countess of Glamour, Lynn Dell, proudly declares. “We’ve never been about chasing the latest trends because we’ve been far too busy establishing timeless style amongst women fifty plus who live for looking fabulous.” With a vast selection of wardrobe pieces and glamorous jewelry that are handpicked by Ms. Dell and her seasoned staff, Off Broadway Boutique

thrives in presenting its faithful clientele with choices that will fit every size, style, and way of life. In participating in Fashion’s Night Out, we plan on establishing a new kind of lucrative customer – the baby bommers fashionista.

 With our personalized take on styling for bodies that range from slender to full-figured, Off Broadway Boutique has earned a well-deserved reputation as a New York fashion institution in a way that exceeds other designer boutiques and department stores. As noted fashion blogger, Ari Seth Cohen observes, visiting the shop will prompt the most selective of stylistas to spend “all afternoon playing dress-up in a collection of over 40 years of new or vintage clothing and accessories.” It is that enthusiastic outlook that Off Broadway Boutique hopes to inspire in the fashion industry’s impression of fifty plus women who embrace that baby boomer chic.


Read all about us - by the "Woman Around Town"
Talented writer and quintessential "Woman Around Town", Alix Cohen, recently took a trip to our Boutique Off Broadway, and is showcasing our Jewelry Collection on her website. Read on....
Baubles, Bangles and…. 


Off Broadway Boutique
By Alix Cohen
…Statement Jewelry–including some of the best, most originally designed clip earrings in New York!
The first thing you’re likely to see when you walk into Off Broadway (Boutique) is its founder, owner, buyer, designer, merchandiser, style maven, and resident bon vivant (for forty-one years, ) Lynn Dell. She may be wearing a sequined fedora or a red scalloped cloche. Her jewelry will be large, unexpected, striking. Her make-up will be perfect. She’ll welcome you with a radiant, red smile. This is a woman who loves what she’s created, loves what she does. Every detail of the attractive shop reflects Lynn’s taste, acumen, and enthusiasm. The staff, some of whom have been with her almost as long as she’s been in retailing, are knowledgeable, honest, and low key (there’s no sign of a hard sell).  Off Broadway (Boutique) has a devoted clientele. The environment is accommodating and good spirited. And it has, like Lynn Dell, pizzazz!
The second thing you’ll see is the jewelry department.
While other buyers are only attending organized trade shows at which everyone has access to the same pieces, Lynn travels at least three times a year to such places as Greece, Spain, Vietnam, China, India, Morocco and Mexico where she looks for inspiration and interesting materials. She consigns for the creation of jewelry while abroad in accordance with her unique artistic instincts. Off Broadway (Boutique) carries jewelry ranging from $90 to $400 that appears to be much more expensive (every now and then something irresistible is presented at higher retail) and it’s often exclusive!
Mexican jewelry
In Mexico, for example, the resourceful Lynn produced a line of light-as-a-feather metal earrings, bracelets, necklaces and brooches in silver, silver with gold wash and copper (above). These display a stylish ethnicity one cannot quite place. The almost weightless earrings are a fabulous find. Were it not for the gentle brushing of the drops against the face, you wouldn’t know you had them on.
silver wash
While other buyers choose only from existing showroom samples, Lynn confers with designers like Karavas, special ordering originals in sizes or materials she feels appropriate to her particular clientele—women in search of elegant, but often braver designs. Bold, clean and important are three adjectives she often utilizes.
banglesOther well known jewelers represented include Fahrenheit, Avant Garde, Patrice, and Bat-Ami. Ever in search of the wonderful and intriguing, she also sees new designers at the store with a view towards informing them of her aesthetic.
Functional as well as visual innovation is recognized here, without sacrificing one for the other. Angela Caputi’s necklaces close with a magnet clasp for those of us who are all (manicured) thumbs. Magnetic brooches that attach to a garment without damaging pin holes or pulling at fine fabric are sufficiently conductive to affix to a coat.
Off Broadway carries jewelry in sterling silver, electroform silver (which is sterling veneer; much lighter than solid metal), bone, resin, rhinestone, Swarovski Crystal, coral, turquoise, jade, jasper, onyx …from sleek to sparkling, from organic to baroque, from refined (not flimsy or diminutive) to authoritative (Lynn is particularly attracted to, talented at developing, and her best model for authoritative pieces) including rings, bracelets, necklaces, hair ornaments and oh the clip earrings! (You won’t find as remarkable a collection of clip earrings anywhere in Manhattan). Each piece is soooo carefully selected, Lynn may choose only one from a large grouping she is offered. There are usually fifty artisans represented at any one time. The jewelry is beautifully made, uncommonly styled and of such variety the metaphor of a kid in a candy store seems apt. Give yourself time to try on.
Liza Minelli and Heidi Klum have done so and exited with the shop’s distinctive black shopping bags.
Lynn Dell has put together a gallery of art to wear.
Off Broadway (Boutique) also carries extremely unique accessories and clothing. Its eveningwear has singular flair. The clothes are made for women of all shapes and sizes, not twenty year old models. Alterations are available.
At the back of the shop is a vintage consignment area of well selected, gently worn clothing and accessories.
Off Broadway (Boutique)
139 West 72nd Street
Mail; Delivery; Gift Wrap
Mon-Fri. 10:30-8:00; Sat. 10:30-7:00, Sun. 1:00-7:00
Clip earrings can be changed to pierced on special order
To print this coupon, download the pdf here.
To see more of the fabulous "Woman Around Town" Website
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                                               Saturday 28th November 2-6p
Call in to Boutique Off Broadway this Saturday and speak to the wonderful Hattie - she will be here giving you tips from her NEW book "RetroAge: 4 Steps To A Younger YOU!", on how to stay looking AND feeling youthful! At 74 years old, Hattie looks incredible, which she puts down to a healthy, positive attitude. I'm sure we can all take note from that!

Cabaret Night – “Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”
Our guests, were last night treated to a fantastic musical extravaganza!! Owner Lynn Dell invited the talented cast of the new musical production of “Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” perform for us here at the store. And it was marvelous!!

The cast presented a selection of songs from ‘Joseph’ as well as other Broadway Musical favorites (See the song title’s list below). We all watched, enthralled and delighted by the stunning high energy performances!
Song titles – ‘Joseph Medly’, ‘I would never leave you’, ‘Song of the king’, ‘All I need is the girl’, ‘Those canon days’, ‘Close every door’, ‘It might as well be Spring’, ‘Mack the knife’, ‘I enjoy being a girl’, ‘On the street where you live’, ‘Benjamin Calypso’, ‘This is the moment’ and ‘Any Dream will do’.
Our own Brianna (aka, vintage glamour puss), who is currently performing in the ‘Joseph’ production, organized props from the store to use during the performance. We saw clothes flying around, umbrellas twirling and a limbo pole erected!! (that was for ‘Benjamin’s Calypso’)
The ten talented cast members (listed below) were so brilliant, they simply dazzled us with their delicious renditions!  
Stars of the show
Christopher Bradshaw – Musical Director
Miguel Angel Sierra – as Joseph
Nadine Jacques – Narrator
Laura Flanagan – Narrator
Paul Campione – as the Pharaoh
Anthony Melendez – as Judah
Eric Fletcher - as Reuben
Ryan Murvin – as Levi
Brianna Hurley – as Mrs. Potiphar
Allison Schack – wife/emsemble

Lynn Dell and the team would personally like to thank all our guests, customers and friends (many of you are both!) for coming celebrating another fun shopping evening with us. We would also like to thank the people who made the night so special - the wonderfully gifted cast of ‘Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’.
We urge you all to go and see the show and experience for yourself how superb this performance really is! ‘Joseph’ is showing right NOW at The Players Theatre on Macdougal Street -
To View last nights photo’s click HERE!!

Cabaret and Charity Evening.

Our cabaret evening proved to be a very successful event – we felt as if the metropolitan opera had come to the store!
With classics like ‘Old Man River’ from the musical Showboat sung by Calvin Thompson and original pieces from Sherry Zannoth we were indeed spoilt. We had a blast!!
We want to thank our customers for coming, shopping and being generous. 10% of sales from last night will go to the ‘Music on Wheels’ organization.
As the evening was so spectacular, we will be hosting another event in the near future, bringing you more entertainment and glamour so if you didn’t have chance to come this time, keep a look out for the next event.
A big thank you to the performers, from all of us at Off Broadway Boutique.
           Pictures soon to follow.                 

For some Presidential Pizzaz....

 In honor of the many Inauguration parties that have been going on both in D.C. and throughout the country, we would like to offer you some ideas for fabulous formalwear!

Might we suggest...
An exquisite black gown inspired by Fortuny's Delphos pleats?

A chic tweed suit for day adorned with glimmering charcoal buttons?

A charming silk charmeuse dress that draped gorgeously around the body?
 A gorgeously shimmering pleated evening top?




Baby, it's Cold Outside!

As the temperatures continue to drop, those living in northern climes will appreciate a stylish cold-weather accessory. Items like scarves, gloves and hats are fail-safe and can be such fun!
Multicolor Blue Ruched Scarf
Black Leather Gloves with Pleated Cuffs
Grey Felt Petal Hat
Baby, it's Cold Outside!
This purse would make a wonderful stocking stuffer or Hannukah gift for a special lady. If you really want to get into her good graces, buy it in her favorite color...and hide a gift card to her favorite store inside! It comes in black, silver, caramel, green and red.

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