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Our customers tell us our unique shop is like a Broadway show. It has the music, the magic, the color, the cast and four decades of knock-out reviews.
Read here what they say about us :


~ I have enjoyed my love affair with your great styles, and Off Broadway's unforgettable visual pleasure and taste for women of all ages and types.
Joan, New York

~ When I entered Off Broadway for the first time I was overwhelmed by the magic and glamour of the boutique.  A swirl of colors, beautiful clothes, jewels, and perfume in the air transported me to a place where I felt beautiful and confident and anything was possible. Every visit since that day has been just as exciting. . It wasn't long before Off Broadway was my only destination for shopping.                                                                                                               Barbara, New York City

 I love Off Broadway because the clothes are original, unique and beautiful. One-of-a-kind pieces! I also love Pat! She is a fabulous sales person! A true asset to the store!
Jill, North Carolina

~ My daughters and I have been coming to Off Broadway once or twice a year for the last five years and we never leave empty handed. Pat always assists us she is GREAT always full of energy and fun-loving.
Pat, North Carolina

~ Off Broadway a terrific place to shop. Fun, unusual clothes, marvelous fabrics, great salespeople the consignment shop in back has wonderful styles and even better prices! There is drama in both places.
Lois, New York City

~ Off Broadway Boutique is one of my favorite stops when I'm in NYC. When you enter the shop you'll notice that the owner Lynn Dell sits at a small round table in the front and chats with all her customers. She makes you feel right at home and is really the heartbeat of the shop and the epitome of fashion, with her glamorous and bubbly personality.
Ronnie, NJ

~ If you really want to look special, the sales staff is very accommodating and they will dress you from head to toe. You walk out of the shop feeling so confident in the way you look you can go to any event and feel sensational!
Jill , CT

~ This is my second stop whenever visiting NYC the first is the hotel. You cannot find more unique and beautiful clothes anywhere else in the city. Pat is the most helpful person I have ever met. She knows what works on me better than myself. I love Off Broadway!
Kim, North Carolina

~ A unique, fun experience! The customer service and clothing are one-of-a-kind!
Carolyn, North Carolina

~ Off Broadway is a fabulous boutique-unlike any others. It carries marvelous selections of all apparel suites, separates, coats, hats, scarves accessories and gifts.
The sales staff is friendly knowledgeable and accommodating. It is my favorite store!
D.Friedman, New York City